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I LOVE weddings so much, that when I have some spare time, I disappear into my basement and paint! At t the moment, I am creating art from my weddings with a touch of 'quirky' thrown into the mix. I am totally inspired to be at each and every wedding that I attend and want to create something to 'hold the vibe forever'!

'Just Engaged!'

Huge Congratulations to you both ~ this is an amazing time of your life, so enjoy every moment!Planning your wedding takes so much pressure off your both when it gets close to your ‘big day’, so... continue reading...

Fairytale Weddings!

Fairytale Weddings!

Fairytales!   I think we all believe in fairytales, and perhaps Cinderella is one of our all time favourites, and I know I adore fairytales as much as I love wedding cermeonies, and... continue reading...